Amazon Number

When you think about online shopping, there is one name that often comes to mind as the leading online retailer. That website is Amazon. They are the world’s largest and industry leading online retailer. Almost everyone has at least gone to their site, if not purchased something from them. If it is sold somewhere in the world, more than likely you will find it for sale on Amazon or by one of their sellers. They also offer some of the lowest prices you will find on most items that you are looking for.

Amazon Attracts Lifetime Customers

Another reason that they have so many return customers is their popular Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime offers their members free two-day shipping on a majority of the items sold on Amazon for their yearly fee. In addition to two-day shipping, Prime members receive many other perks with their membership. One of the most popular perks is their video streaming service.

Movies, Television & More

They offer their members free movies and television shows to stream on their devices. Amazon even creates their own exclusive programming and shows that are available only to their members. With more and more people cutting the cords and living without cable tv, this is a big bonus for Prime members. With the widespread use of smartphone as cameras, Amazon offers free photo storage for their Prime members on their cloud. You can have their app automatically backup your photos, so you never have to worry about losing or deleting them. You memories are safely stored on Amazon’s cloud. You can upload right from your phone or computer.

Stellar Customer Service From Amazon

Amazon also provides their customers the best customer service in the industry. They have been rated number one in customer service in many different surveys and polls. Their customer service representatives are available to help you twenty-four hours a day. If you need help with placing an order, with an existing order or simply need a question answered, they are always available to help you out. You can chat, email, or call a representative and they will do their best to fix whatever problem you are having. Their superior customer service is a big reason that they have such a loyal customer base. To contact for returns,log into your account and get in touch with Amazon support.

Amazon: Your New Grocery Store

Prime Pantry is a service for food items delivered to your door. Amazon offers low prices on staples in many kitchens and you have them delivered without having to go to the grocery store. Prime members in certain cities can also take advantage of Amazon Prime Now. This service offers certain items delivered to you in two hours or less. You can even have ice cream delivered. Food, electronics, toys, clothes, many different options are offered by the Amazon Prime Now option. For items that you use on a regular basis, Amazon offers a Subscribe and Save option. You save a percentage off the price and get the items delivered to your door on a schedule that you choose, making it easy to get items that you use often at a great price.