BT Number

One of the largest communications companies in the world is located in the UK. It is BT, British Telecommunications, which has its headquarters in London. It primarily focuses on the UK but offers services all around the globe for which it offers fixed-line, broadband, mobile, networked IT services and a variety of TV products.

Long Origins Of BT

The origins of BT actually goes back to the mid-1800’s initially called the Electric Telegraph Company which became the first nationwide communications network. It became part of the General Post Office since 1912 and became the monopoly telecom provider in the United Kingdom. In 1969 it was turned into a public corporation. Then in 1980, it separated from the Post Office and became what is now British Telecommunications.

Back in the early 1900’s, companies did not have the need for complex telecommunication systems. Most business was conducted over the phone and information was typed by secretaries or printed and mailed to clients or business partners.

Today and the Future of BT

But in today’s dynamic world the need for high-tech commutation is ever growing. Consumers continue to want faster computers, better phone services from both landlines and mobile devices. BT provides their customers with amazing TV offerings including exclusive sports channels. Now in 2017 BT has 4.7 million broadband customers and 1.7 million TV customers.

Fast Speeds For All Your Streaming Needs

BT has a standard broadband service with speed up to 17mb. They also offer a fiber-optic broadband service. The FTTC, fiber-to-the-cabinet, can supply service up to 40mb. Those customers with FTTP, fiber-to-the-premises, can get speeds up to 300mb!

BT Moving In To U.S.

In the United States BT has had a presence for over 30 years. In their Dallas, Texas headquarters they have more than 2600 professionals. They also have offices in sixteen cities in the U.S. and are also in twenty-two Latin American countries.

British Telecom operates its own infrastructure in the U.S. They have nationwide reach to all major U.S. cities. They have one of the largest MPLS networks in the country. Additionally, they also deliver services to the Latin American region utilizing terrestrial and satellite capabilities. Some of their top customers are headquartered in the U.S. such as Credit Suisse, P&G, MasterCard and Bristol-Meyers Squibb to name a few. In the Latin American region, they provide service to companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Fiat, Pepsico, and others.

Global Community With Local Service

The company feels it is important to operate in the global community instead of just servicing the domestic market. Continuing to invest in newer and ever faster technology, PT’s future is bright.